Company / About us

Fumajet is a company specialized in technological solutions development and industrialization of innovative products, systems and services in the control of epidemics, agricultural pests and public health care.

Our mission is to preserve the health of human beings through innovative products and services, attending areas where existing solutions are not viable or inefficient.

Products / Motofog

Motofog is an innovative tool to fight vectors and diseases (e.g. Malaria and Dengue) in urban areas and for pest control in agricultural areas. The system was designed to be installed on a motorcycle, using the engine itself to generate all the energy needed for spraying (fogging). This is an innovative product patented by Fumajet.

Brazilian technology Motofog is an insecticide sprayer for hard-to-reach communities

Engineers in Brazil have come up with one possible solution. It is called Motofog; a motorbike converted into a mobile insecticide sprayer that can reach those hard to get to areas.

Fumajet achieves Chemical Leasing Award

The Fumajet is the first environmental control company of endemic diseases, in  Brazil, certified by the Chemical Leasing program of UNIDO.


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